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Can I forward my new Forward-Phone-Number.com number to my current number?

Sure. You can forward your new Forward-Phone-Number.com number to just about anywhere – a mobile phone, office or a landline.

Is there any difference between my new number and my existing number?

In functionality no. Both numbers receive calls in the same way. However, your new number can help you establish a presence in a town or country in which you are hoping to expand operations. And, calls made to your new number can be forwarded to your existing number.

Is there a contract involved to set up the service?

No. There is no contract to set up an international toll free number or a local number with Forward-Phone-Number.com. Just pick the plan that works for you – either monthly or yearly. We’ll find the number and start forwarding calls to the destination of your choice. Botswana is always nice.

What is the Forward-Phone-Number.com virtual phone system and how can it help my business?

Forward-Phone-Number.com Virtual Phone System helps your small business appear like a Fortune 500 company. When callers dial your virtual number, they might hear a custom main greeting giving them options from which to choose, i.e. "Thank you for calling ABC company, dial 1 for sales, 2 for support..." Since we can forward a caller to any number, you can be reached on your home, office or mobile phone.

Do we need a phone system when using Forward-Phone-Number.com?

No. Because our phone system is completely virtual in order to receive calls you can use any phone you want (home, office, mobile).

Can I use your service If I live in Canada?

Forward-Phone-Number.com works not only in Canada but also in any other country in the world.

I bought several numbers. In the "Phone Numbers" page in the "Minutes Left" column I see a number of minutes for each of my new phone numbers. Does it mean that I may use those minutes for my first phone number, spend them and then start using my second number and spend minutes shown in the "Minutes Left" column for this number?

Unfortunately no. A number of minutes shown for a number is calculated under the assumption that the $ amount in your account balance will be used for forwarding calls to this forwarding number only. So if you spend all the minutes indicated in the "Minutes Left" for one of your numbers you cannot forward calls to other forwarding numbers. In real life calls received on your new numbers are forwarded to your forwarding numbers simultaneously. After each successful call your account balance is charged with a cost of call to the forwarding number.

Can I change Forward Number? How can I do this?

Sure. You can change a number to which all calls are forwarded from your new phone number. Do change it you should login your account and click "Phone Numbers" link. In the opened page click a phone number in the "Forward Number" column. In the appeared form enter a new forward phone number in the "New Forward Number" field and click "Save" button.

How can I renew my phone number?

In order to refund Your account please follow the link in any of the Expiration Notice letters you have received (these reminders are sent several times close to the end of each month). The sum charged in these notifications is exactly what is needed to prolongate the number for the next month.

After the payment is accepted this sum gets onto Your account balance and during the last three days of the month the system will try to subtract this exact sum from your balance to prolongate the number. If you pay a greater sum than charged the surplus will remain on Your balance for future use.

An alternative way is to log into your Forward-Phone-Number.COM account, click the Balance link and pay a sum sufficient for the next month payment (exact or greater), the sum is specified in the Expiration Notice letters.

One thing to keep in mind when refunding the account: if you pay the exact prolongation fee you should refrain from buying additional minutes from the balance until the prolongation is done, otherwise the available balance may become insufficient and the system will not be able to prolongate the number.

Where can I get a new phone number?

You can get a new phone number in 40+ countries around the globe including Canada, Australia, and UK. Get your new number now.

Where can I forward my calls?

Calls to your new phone number can be forwarded to most phones on the planet.

Can callers tell that I'm not physically in the location they're calling?

The only way your customers will know you're somewhere else is if you tell them.

I just paid for my new number but it seems it has not been activated yet. Please advise.

The number You have ordered will be activated immediately as Google Wallet has approved the payment (within seconds). Unfortunately we cannot influence the approval process on Google Wallet, sometimes this may take up to hours because of Google due diligence procedure.

Does Forward-Phone-Number.COM support SMS?

Unfortunately Forward-Phone-Number.COM does not support SMS (text messages) at the moment. But our company is continually improving and expanding the forwarding service so we hope we will start to support it soon.

I bought my first number and I got $2 in my account balance. Then I bought my second number and my account balance remained the same. Finally when I bought my third number my account balance increased. Why my account balance did not increase when i bought my second number?

When you buy a new number our system checks your account balance and calculates if $ amount in it is enough for sending at least 10 minutes to the forwarding number. This is done to avoid situations when you just bought a new number but you cannot use it because you have not enough funds in your account balance.

If $ amount in your account balance is enough for sending at least 10 minutes (for example a cost of a minute to a new forwarding number is less than or equal to a cost of a minute to a forwarding number related to a number you bought earlier) then our system will not charge you with a cost of 10 minutes to the new forwarding number and, therefore, will not update your account balance as happened when you bought your second number.

Please note that you may recharge your account balance at any time in the "https://forward-phone-number.com/en/billing/recharge-balance.html"

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